Exodus: Journey to the West

The First Age


Player Spirit Portfolio
Abaasy Pestulence
Tim Nergüi Entropy, Blood, The Unknown
JC Lacha Mór, “The Great Duck who birthed the world from her egg” Creation, Dinosaurs, High Places
Silas Lacha Beag, “The Little Duck”
Jake Zarlik Judgement
Paul Nuuts Mysteries, The Fog of War
Dylan Büree Patron (but not creator) of Monkeys
Dallas Al-Basty Nightmares and Guilt


  • ROUND 0
    • Zarlic founds the great city Menri to the south and west
  • ROUND 1
    • Abaasy is silent
    • Zarlik creates rainy swamps in the south-west
    • Nergui creats Misty Mountains in the far west, north of the swamp
    • Lacha Mor & Al-Basty form acidic hot springs in the East
    • Lacha Beag raises a great desert in the far south-east
    • Buree creates banana-laden rain-forests to the North
    • Nuuts begins carving a river through the middle of things
  • ROUND 2
    • Abaasy is silent
    • Zarlik and Nergui continue expanding the Western swamps, surrounding the mountains
    • Al-Basty hollows out caverns adjacent to the hot springs
    • Lacha Mor upheaves the ground over the hot springs and caverns
    • Lacha Baeg raises a mountainous cloud forest next to the banana plantations (+3)
    • Buree creates rocky cliffs with a lake and waterfall at the edge of the cloud forest
    • Nuuts creates a great open cavern at the base of the Cloud Forest mountain
      • Which opens into a subterranean forest of giant mushrooms
  • ROUND 3
    • Abaasy is silent
    • Zarlik pours out the oceans to the south and west
    • Al-Basty causes the acid-springs to overflow, contaminating the great river
      • The river is deadly to all aberrations, beast, dragons, and giants…
        • Beautiful, inviting and emerald-green in colour
    • Lacha Mor corrupts Al-Basty’s Acid Hot springs to ‘Lysergic Acid’ hot springs…
    • Nergui creates the Gnarled Forest on the shore of the corrupted river
    • Buree raises a great active volcano on the edge of the acid-springs
      • And a forest of psychotropic banana growing on the slopes
    • Nuuts creates a forest of Ironwood trees on the shore of the river, running up to Menri
      • And a subteranean aquifer directly underneath
  • ROUND 4
    • Abaasy is silent
    • Zarlik begets Crogs (crocodile-hippos) in the rainy swamps
    • Al-Basty creates a massive, mirror-reflective lake of mercury in the north
    • Lacha Baeg gives birth to the Apinaankka, bright-winged, egg-laying monkeys
        • The monkey’s teeth are +1 mithril teeth
        • The monkeys sentences are appended with halicinatory vulgarities
        • Nergui becomes obsessed with BLOOD!
        • No magic works in the area of the cloud forests
        • The cloud forest mountains are filled with molten gold
        • The monkeys have high iron concentration in their blood
    • Lacha Mor causes the toxic river to empty into a Sea on the edge of the desert, below sea-level. Highly saline and acidic, it functions as a giant alkali battery.
    • Buree raises the land south of the sea into the towering Cliffs of Insanity
      • And causes acid to rain on the psychotropic banana forests
    • Nergui’s smites the land, creating a great hand-shaped canyon
  • ROUND 5
    • Lacha Mor devours her young
    • Zarlik raises a great wall of obsidian and basalt 65-meters tall around the city of Menri
      • It looks like the city has been built in the caldera of a dormant super-volcano
    • Al-Basty creates a beach of cinnabar sand on the shore of the mirror-lake
    • Lacha Mor thrusts up another great mass of land, expanding the eastern mountains
    • A dense forest grows up in the Nergui’s Hand canyon
    • Buree summons winds from the south, spreading acid rain everywhere north of the volcano
    • Nuuts gives birth to giant quickened silverfish that live in the mercury lake
      • Then makes some arable land outside of Menri
    • Abaasy afflicts the flying monkeys with fleas
  • ROUND 6
    • Al-Basty creates fields of beautiful, yet deadly wild-flowers growing up past the cinnabar shore
    • Lacha Mor opens up the center of Menri, creating a great lake of magma, above which are the centers of power, on an island of black basalt.
    • Nergui opens his wrist and pours blood upon the Western Mountain…
      • creating the Bleeding Rock, avatar of Nergui, and the rivers ran red…
          • Lacha Mor gives birth to hundreds of species of duck, but none can fly
          • The rock tells perposterous stories (telepthically) to all it comes in contact with
          • The rock is under an illusion to appear as a beautiful nymph, always weeping
          • Within 600 meters of the rock, no sound can be heard
    • Abaasy’s fleas afflict the flying monkeys with leperous mange
  • ROUND 7
    • Zarlik expands the plains north of Menri
    • Lacha Mor and Al-Basty expand the south-eastern desert
    • The land above Nergui’s Hand becomes blood-red clay, hard, but arable…
    • Abaasy rests…and bides his time…
  • ROUND 8
    • Zarlik expands the sea south of Menri
    • Al-Basty chars the earth south of the Nergui’s plains of clay, dead and blasted
    • Lacha Mor expands the desert down to the sea, creating fertile grass-covered dunes in between
    • Blood pours out of the Bleeding Rock into the swamp and some of the Crogs evolve…
        • The Bleeding Rock Nymph breathes out blood-red water
        • The alligator people (Toron-Khun) can only sleep upon beds of blood
        • They are covered with thick, luxurious fleece growing on their backs
        • And they are highly resistant to extreme heat conditions
        • And they found a religion dedicated to the Blood-Rock Nymph, making blood sacrifices
    • And Abassy rests on his laurels


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